Thursday, July 8, 2010

Return to the blogosphere

Holy Crap! Has it really been that long since I wrote anything? Where have I been? Missed the whole fall and winter. And spring. I guess real life has been more important. But since my girls + Tara recommended that I start blogging again, I decided maybe that was a good idea. Not because I think anyone is even mildly interested in my thoughts, but because it's a good way to remember the things that [maybe] were important during a certain point in time. Or at least capture the ramblings of a somewhat demented woman.

Much already captured in some way on FB, which I guess pre-empts a lot of blogging unless you're a very prolific writer about all things YOURSELF. A little narcissistic, blogging and facebook, right? Kind of screams "LOOK AT ME!" and "I'M SO INTERESTING!" Do you really care how many hours people slept last night? How about headaches? Hangovers? Actually, those can be funny. How Friday can't come soon enough? Oh, wait, I'm sure my FB status at many times or other has said something about any one of those things.

Anyway, the things I forgot to record since last September (and in some cases forgot many of the details about...) the untouchable Bruce Springstini weekend, the fab NH O'Connell reunion, the very sad loss of dear Gram, family Christmas fun at the Bosstones show, Amyfest with cake and pie, a great ski season with the peeps, an awesome Alta trip, the Dropkicks St. Patrick's day show, yet another epic Sugarloaf trip, an incredible Patriot's Day breakfast-Red Sox- marathon watching-and pre-Bruins game celebration, and the merry month of May. Add in fundraising for the MS Cape Cod Getaway ride (with many thanks to all my generous friends), training, spinning, a fabulous trip to NYC for Lucy's birthday, the Ride itself, July 3 and 4 at Gull Point, Lucy C's beautiful wedding, the World Cup, and that brings us and enjoying summer vacation in the North Country. I can not complain. Life is very, very good.

Ow, my shoulder hurts. So I took up biking indoors 5+ years ago, received some terrific coaching and encouragement (thanks Scott, Lucy, and Michael!), and got hooked on the bike thing. Decided that 2007 was my year to get a road bike, so I did. After test riding and falling off 9 different models, I picked up a Specialized Sequoia Elite. Which I thought was pretty special(ized ha) indeed, until I started reading reviews, and found out it was designed for middle aged people who wanted a more relaxed geometry. Which I guess is me, although I deny it. Cue
Blink 182. It was just a real comfy bike. Took lots of rides, fell lots of times, twice badly enough to have scars and lingering injuries, and despite that realized I finally found a sport that my body was capable of doing fairly well, considering my advanced age (again, I deny). Since then I did one century ride, and recently completed the two day MS Ride from Quincy to Provincetown. Now the serious cyclists I know think nothing of doing either of those things regularly and just for fun, and don't understand my enthusiasm for completing both of those, but they are all decades younger. These were both big milestones for me. Now I have to come up with something new. Any suggestions?

The reason for the shoulder pain (big owie on the lateral raise) is a stupid and unnecessary tumble I took this morning on my new mountain bike, a gift from my awesome siblings. Unfortunately I haven't quite cottoned to it as much as my road or spin bike quite yet. I need to ride it ONCE without falling off, I guess. Last fall was a couple weeks ago in Hough's Neck on a rocky driveway/street, this time was on a bridge when I stopped to miss the big gap at the end of the bridge. Both of those falls and injuries were due to my pedals being set too tight to release quickly. Dope. I thought I adjusted them properly. Wrong again, honey.

Did I mention how much I love riding a bike that goes nowhere, doesn't crash (well you'd have to try pretty hard), and blows no tires? So I got certified to teach spinning, picked up a couple of jobs, some regular, some subbing. Still love it. That makes me wonder, is there a mandatory age for retirement from the fitness profession? When will I look in the mirror and realize I've aged out of it? Look at Jack and Elaine Lalanne! Maybe I should get cracking on an invention that sells as well as Jack's juicer. I was in an NY hotel watching his infomercial on a Sunday morning and I was so intrigued and inspired, I came THIS close to buying one. It may have been the delirium from the Springstini event a few nights prior, or the broken rib I suffered at that show, but I really thought my life would improve if I went with Jack. I'm glad I saved my money. I'm not sure I would enjoy a cool glass of green stuff as much as the people on TV. That small appliance would be either in my cellar, sold on eBay, or on top of my fridge, gathering dust with my blender. It'd be different if it brewed beer, or at least coffee.

Alrighty then. No juicer. I'll go ice my shoulder, and get back to relaxing on the front porch, and deciding what we do next. Ice cream? Strawberries? Nap? Just like last year, I LOVE vacation.

Oh, and go Netherlands!